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Neighbour xdating

Jul 19

xdating at the elevator

Recently a couple moved to the apartment next door. Some days after they invite me to dinner, just to socialize. I know she is married, but man, she is incredibly pretty, with an incredible hot body, long legs, nice ass, i can help falling in love with her. We always say hi when crossing in the corridors or the street, but we never had a real talking. One day we both get into the elevator, I say Hi and prayied for something to happen. Some seconds after, the light goes off. I feel some fear at the beginning. We started to chat, she asked me about a girlfriend, i told her it is a complicated subject because I break up some months ago after i had an xdating. She asked about sex, and then i feel a touch. I responded the touch. And we started to kiss each other. Very softly at the beggining, and then very deep. Hands come, hands go, we ended in a very hot sex session. It was an amazing xdating.
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